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My views about how the Powers That Be manipulate the mainstream media, political process and economic system through bailouts, schemes, payoffs and more. I also talk about BART shutting down cellphone service to stop a protest, how the media downplayed Ron Paul performance at the Iowa Straw Poll and a new study that shows that most Americans can’t handle a 00 emergency. Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Cements Her Top-Tier Status in GOP Race www.foxnews.com Anonymous hits BART for blocking cell service www.gmanews.tv As Anonymous threatens BART, stakes rise in feud over cell service cutoff www.csmonitor.com Most Americans can’t afford a 00 emergency expense money.cnn.com US Consumer Confidence Drops to Three-Decade Low Amid Economic Headwinds www.bloomberg.com Gold is up more than 45% in the past year, compared to a gain of less than 5% racked up by the S&P 500. pulsescan.blogspot.com

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25 Responses so far.

  1. 3344utube says:

    Those same corrupt,corporate TV networks won’t even give Ron Paul air time because they ARE rigging the game- democrat or republican (tweedle dee and tweedle dum) makes no difference at all , just rich politicians who use their jobs as income for life and a basis for taking pay offs.-they will never allow a third political party,it will throw a wrench into the works. : (

  2. veritasfiles says:

    @johnnyangel26 So I’m doing a fine job at something I’m not here to do? Hmmm…yeah, and I’m the one who needs to focus huh? Hehehe… I got the sarcasm, but it seems that you did not. Later…

  3. johnnyangel26 says:

    @veritasfiles And you’re doing a fine job because I’m not impressed at all. I was being sarchastic, but that seems to have escaped you. Perhaps you would do better to learn how to focus…

  4. veritasfiles says:

    @johnnyangel26 I doubt its actually very clear to you, since what you said didn’t seem to come in full contact with reality. When all someone can do is essentially engage in name calling and assertions rather than dialogue the furthers a conversation, it’s not a stretch to think they probably cannot intelligently reflect on a subject that appears to have utterly escaped their attention. If you think differently, fine, but don’t blame me for it. Sorry to tell you, I’m not here to impress you.

  5. veritasfiles says:

    @DEMCAD Exactly, that’s not foreign policy. That’s shutting your eyes, putting your fingers in your ears, and screaming Lah, lah, lah, lah, lah……..until the world comes to an end on its own. Foreign policy is about how you deal with the outside world. NOT DEALING WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD is more akin to either non-foreign policy or anti-foreign policy. If you’re comfortable with him having a non-foreign policy or an anti-foreign policy, then OKAY……..have at it.

  6. UnoRaza says:

    Good metaphor, but I’d say we’re not even in the GAME.

  7. StockMarketFunding says:

    Now that Wall St has weekly options expiration…there is no stopping their need and lust for gambling!

  8. johnnyangel26 says:

    @veritasfiles Everything makes perfect sense now! Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. So in other words.. If I’m in a position to kick your ass because I think you’re an asshole. Then I should just go ahead and do it because i think it’s the right thing to do. Is this your logic?

    Ya know, I’m really impressed by your superior intellect! You can read 3 lines that a total stranger wrote and deduce what that person can talk about “at length”.. That’s amazing!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  9. SHEEPLEwhisperer says:


    Cool, I told you so you wouldn’t need to think.

    Saved you the trouble.

  10. veritasfiles says:

    @johnnyangel26 Because we are in a position of restraining a certain amount of evil around the world, the lack of which you daily take for granted and probably couldn’t talk about at length. However, I do agree that we need to aggressively pull back what we are doing, as much of it is overkill and unnecessary. For example, we shouldn’t be in Europe at all, part from perhaps a joint base in Great Britain, and we shouldn’t be in Japan at all.

  11. veritasfiles says:

    @SHEEPLEwhisperer I’m not reflexively anti-semitic, so I really couldn’t tell ya.

  12. debtpeon says:

    Did you know that the top 20% of the population comprises 40% of consumer spending and it is likely to continue to concentrate among the top 20%. In other words the bottom 60% of the population are becoming superfluous to the “economy”

  13. debtpeon says:

    This is the problem with representative (parliamentary) governance. There is no way that 535 members of Congress can honestly represent the interest of 300 million people. It is clear that these 535 members ARE an elite class who will naturally represent elite interest. The Constitution is fundamentally flawed because a minority can NEVER represent the majority. Therefore representative governance lends itself to corruption. We need a new form of governance for the majority.

  14. theluellen says:

    I just got back from Germany and it costs $5 for a can of coke. Not that coke is so expensive, but the dollar is so low in value now. They view US as reckless and Irresponsible.

  15. bigdollars99 says:

    it’s their world, we’re just some squirls…trying to get a nut.. lmfao

  16. qualqui says:

    @gwar265 yup,….American Idol, Oprah, soap operas and ball games for the sheeple,…civic responsibilities for citizens,…and same thing here in my country!=P

  17. TheCaptainSlappy says:

    Why do you think they call the CIA “The Company”? “Politicians” are the same, a “Political Body” (Legal Definition- “Corporate Society”) of hucksters, shysters, and 2-Bit Carny-Barkers (even RP), paid to work FOR the US Corporation, and paid by/elected by, external Corporations. So if we know this to be a true & factual thing (/watch?v=2yD_e7WFoi8)…walk away. It was never yours, never will be, and it was built, and designed, from day one, to NEVER let you be involved in the running of it.

  18. m1st3rlak3 says:

    Awesome analogy @DEMCAD, btw nice interview on RT… I SEE YA!

  19. mycomama says:

    As usual DEMCAD you are able to put to words the things I have a hard time expressing to others.
    Hey , have you heard anything about the “Day of Rage” thing in New York coming up next month?…and if so what are your thoughts cause I see it as not turning out well.

  20. gwar265 says:

    you know what is the worse this about this, most americans dont even know about this shit…

  21. bigdogbuc says:

    You’re my hero Reggie. I dig how you just hang it all there and say it like it is! Too bad you live in Michigan, you’de be fun to kick it with. Keep ‘em comin’…

  22. starknight97 says:

    @yuppyguitar1 This is true of anything you can walk out and get hit by a bus. The point is before dem got his gun yes it was likely too happened. now the fact he has a gun it much less likely too happen. Why prey on dem when they can say prey on you. Then yes what you say is true to about advertise it. They now know you have these new things of value. Though anything can be turned around if you smart. Say trade some of it too help you move too a better area and set up camp and defenses.

  23. yuppyguitar1 says:

    @starknight97 You’re totally missing the point. Who cares how many you slaughter if you’re dead. The point I was making is that if you have something valuable, the last thing you want to do is advertise it. People will come after it.

  24. BernankeFiat says:

    good call on reasons for war being financial. I like to share “war is a racket” written by a top General (I think in the 30s). Things never change, do they?

  25. LawnsAreDumb says:

    And did you see where Michelle Bachman bought her votes with a flyer promising a free Randy Travis concert? Yeah Ron Paul won! Must be nice to be able to afford to fly your votes in, and give them all kinds of treats though.


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