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We get a very in depth look of NCAA Football 12 in this Now Playing! For more on this game, check out: www.gamespot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Categories: Football

24 Responses so far.

  1. PackersAlabamafan says:

    lol around 13:00 i hear a plane!

  2. artiewright says:


  3. PhillipDeGraves says:

    The reason why the NCAA games don’t come with the names like the madden games is because the players signed contracts with the owners, so the teams owner and league can use their name one products uch as jersey and other stuff. While the NCAA player the only contract they signed was to attend school and play ball and they don’t get compensted to do either besides a free education and preparation for life or the nfl

  4. barbarianjoe99 says:

    @jakee2412 It’s illegal. They are amateurs, and they aren’t legally allowed to get that kind of publicity without a contract. Now you know why you never see college athletes on commercials.

  5. 1ceejay123 says:

    Wow this video is off the charts but could you make the next year NCAA Football 13 to be for PS2 please because I have NCAA 08, NCAA 10, NCAA 11, and I was hoping if you could make the next years version for PS2???

  6. joelehhig says:

    where did you get this? go to xboxlivekeygen . com and found how you can get free xbox gold points up to 4000

  7. willyhamara says:

    where did you get this? xboxlivekeygen . com just saved me a ton of money! unlimited xbox gold gift cards!

  8. KBTV48 says:

    @MrZw1231 NCAA FOOTBALL 12

  9. FJEdmondson91 says:

    @jakee2412 Also since there’s 120 teams and usually at least 100 players EACH TEAM the last thing they need to do is put EVERY NAME of EVERY Player On the game Just go to roster shjare and put pasta padre and it give you all names it works fo XBOX 360 or PS3 So There you go

  10. 2kbeast12345 says:

    thumbs up for the ad

  11. Matthewhinesz says:

    If you want a working microsoft points generator, download it from megafire.org?o6HTsy ¸


    wow 90% of this guy’s game is passing, he’s sorry as hell lol. all i do is use Wisconsin and 90% of my plays are running lol

  13. Vongfrya says:

    go to megafire.org?o6HTsy to download a microsoft points generator ¸

  14. quatifa67 says:

    @jakee2412 If you have Xbox go to team manegment, go all the way to the right and click on download rosters Type in “PATRICK MORTY” its updated and everthing

  15. jakee2412 says:

    I find it annoying that you arent allowed to see the players names. They need to change this and just give them a bit of compensation!

  16. PR1METIME21 says:

    @MrZw1231 I personally think NCAA but it depends which one’s your favorite… or just get NCAA 12 and get Madden later

  17. MrZw1231 says:

    Madden NFL 12 or NCAA Football 12 ??

  18. uffootball10 says:

    Hey guys I’m midway through my 3rd year in OD on PS3. I have plenty of open slots and you can go any team in any conference you want just pm and ill shoot you the details!

  19. lotusclown217 says:

    could somebody please tell me how to turn off those stupid lines that appear on the field before the snap??? i just bought the game and have been searching the settings for hours trying to find an option to cut them off..

  20. SnDxfaMe says:

    thinkin about selling my xbox account ranked number 7 on Ncaa 12 134-24 avg opp level is 6 Hmu if interested

  21. TheSaintsfan1994 says:

    @CGames3 yeah i can get it off amazon for 60 dollars on the ps3

  22. CGames3 says:

    @TheSaintsfan1994 there’s a good website which sends around the world and you can get ncaa 12 region free for a good price

  23. lotusclown217 says:

    lmfao don’t let him fool ya!  he quit cuz he knew he was getting shown up by bama! freakin hillarious!

  24. TheSaintsfan1994 says:

    will EA release the game in other countries soon because i live in Australia and really love football but cant get it on xbox because its not available here i can only oreder it on ps3 and i hate ps3 controls for sports games!!!!!!


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