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COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: This video is property of FC Barcelona, Mediapro, RTVE, Sky Sports, FIFA and UEFA. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only. This is an act of fair usage as described by the Copyright Offices, therefore, a dispute should not occur over this video. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Football is a teamsport and Spain’s showing it in a purest way. Spain 3 Scotland 1
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David Beckham tries out blind football with Paralympic GB hopefuls

A blindfolded Beckham is put through his paces by Dave Clarke, the ParalympicsGB captain at Beijing 2008, in a training session. Schools can sign up to join the Sainsbury’s Million Kids Challenge, designed to allow kids of all ages and abilities to try out a London 2012 Paralympic sport ahead of the Games in 2012 by visiting: www.sainsburys.co.uk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses so far.

  1. MrBobby12456789 says:

    Shut up Scotland are class your giving Scotland a football lesson yes and where’s the goal and where’s the shooting I was bored in the first ten seconds

  2. joshuafist says:

    weres  the goal

  3. legosoccermiro says:

    @thegunclips1 You’re right but seriously, Now that Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Daglish have left, You can’t compare Scotland with Spain, the possession is probably about 94% Spain – 6% Scotland. So you’re right in some ways.

  4. thegunclips1 says:

    Spain have only become good so recently. In 1985, Scotland were a world-class team featuring Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex Ferguson. Scotland stays to the end!

  5. legosoccermiro says:

    Spain are living it out there

  6. PatrikLarssonRang says:

    @Ben19905141 Yes, cause in “AMERICAN FOOTBALL” (notice the imitation of your capital letters) you barely use your feet..?
    And second of all, UK got rugby without all that equipment on…

  7. MrsOritseWilliams2 says:

    I love how Spain play football :)

  8. GoodMusicRespect says:

    I’m American I hate people who hate on us because of our sport and what its called, first off its called football because its played on foot and soccer was named from the name football association, hating us because were different really? Its like saying you don’t think like me so I’m going to hate you for it. Theres also Americans here that do that though, coming here ranting how this is a pussy sport and its called soccer not football well those Americans are just faggots and should be ignored

  9. mufc4527 says:


    american football is rugby for utter faggots, why the padding and fucking helmets? real football is far better than american football, real football is 90minutes of sport, US football is 45minutes of action and 3hours of waiting round and an hour of commercial breaks.

  10. Edmond8634 says:

    @Ben19905141 if u hate football or as u call it “soccer”, why do u watch a video about it? I hate american football and i dont watch videos about it. Get a life and stop being such an arse

  11. abzkebbabz123 says:

    Perfect Football.

  12. OeNoesRAWR says:

    @2077luke Is that why England beat them? :)

  13. Ben19905141 says:

    @mufc4527 As opposed to the utterly boring game of ‘soccer’ where morons frollick around in the grass. In AMERICAN FOOTBALL Two teams do battle on whats called the ‘Gridiron’ in the middle of winter and crush the bloody hell out of each other…. Football defensive linemen are giants and would give a soccer player a good thumpin!
    Soccer is for daisy pickers….
    Now bow before the troll you ignorant rube….

  14. mufc4527 says:


    no that’s american football, a shit sport that only america plays.

  15. iGo0gIe says:


  16. 2077luke says:

    @keineahnung 1001
    It’s not the world cup in 2012 and no international team is better than spain

  17. Ben19905141 says:

    Americans are the only ones who know how to play football the right way…

  18. keineahnung1001 says:

    i hate spain. this team is so boring. just dominating. to be honest spain is getting weaker and weaker since 2008. 2012 is say you germany will destroy fucking spain. look how good germany is. england,argentina,brazil,netherlands. all these team were easily beaten by germany in 2010-2011. 3-0 against netherlands. spain will never win 3-0 against netherlands because they suck at football so boring. germany will destroy spain too in wc 2012 you will see!!!

  19. legandrydirk says:

    We got beat 3 2,bye a individual mistake from one of our players.And bye losing a highly debatable penelty.And lost 3 1 over there.If we lost 6 2 in Spain.Like we have beat the there.Scotland might have been taught a football lesson.Spain are a joy to watch,love there style.We can only learn from them.If we are ever going to improve.

  20. sasa2465 says:

    Shocked! ! The most incredible secrets of sports betting websites: gaa.nn.cx

  21. aroundaboutnow says:

    @MrDale29 nah spain were always shit and they will be again as they always were when the germans kick their asses !

  22. Nyzzeh says:

    messi’s family from his mother comes from spain and maradona’s grandparents or grandgrandparents, i dont remember, were from galicia, spain.

  23. blalex87 says:

    why don’t you pick someone your own size, perhaps Brazil, Argentina, England or Italy but not Scotland:)

  24. abraxass1990 says:


  25. TheARMAProductions says:

    Dunno why people are getting excited here…it’s only Scotland lol

  26. XxsitchressxX says:

    That goal the blind man scored was amazing haha, must be so sick to watch them do that.

  27. Braderrrss says:

    @chiropractor66 I dont think the keeper is blind otherwise it would be extremely difficult for him/her, dont quote me on that though. ;)

  28. chiropractor66 says:

    quality video, I get how the players can hear the ball and stuff, but what about the golakeeper? how does he stand a chance? great pen by becks

  29. kevdufc says:

    beckham is a true gentleman

  30. MtRushmore184 says:

    stupid goalkeeper

  31. makarov141 says:

    I support this

  32. EndlichImLicht says:

    @MarkHarlowFreestyle in real life to you care about the people that don’t like the same things you don’t like? why bother on youtube?

  33. EndlichImLicht says:

    @TheChambers82 bla bla bla

  34. MarkHarlowFreestyle says:

    the 3 dislikes are jealous people because they cant play football like these guys !!

  35. MarkHarlowFreestyle says:

    the 2 dislikes are jealous because they cant play football like these guys !!!

  36. 342kobe says:

    @samarchermedia well

  37. 342kobe says:

    @89Czeko gray

  38. 342kobe says:

    @rainzeng to

  39. 342kobe says:

    @stepcow well

  40. 342kobe says:

    @TheChambers82 yes

  41. 342kobe says:

    @Atak31 year

  42. stepcow says:


  43. TheChambers82 says:

    it makes u realise how fortunate you are to even be watchin this video people in life includin me moan bout stupid stuff we have no right there is always someone worse off than u fair play to beckham he deserves a knighthood for what he has done an people wanted to hang him after the world cup 98 u remember

  44. Atak31 says:

    How the F*#K can anyone and I mean anyone dislike a video about someone giving to the less fortunate. Each and every one of you sad pathetic people should be fully ashamed of yourselves.

  45. rainzeng says:

    beckham is the king of free kick. ONS, hot girls, rich men, just you want. Come on, guys, http://lovingrich.com is your paradise.

  46. Kingdagmarius says:

    1:23 Hair still okay?

  47. samarchermedia says:

    @KevDxB Im happy about that tbh i think that will suit him. Although i read today that Victoria wants to stay in L.A

  48. samarchermedia says:

    It’s a good job that fence is that high, can you imagine the amount of cats trying to get in to play with that ball !

  49. extratraining says:

    great from david B.

  50. Sdotmouse99 says:

    How did the blind people know it was lovely?


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