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Messi 53 - 53 Ronaldo - Goals Race 10/11 (HD)

Fully chronological order. The end of season definitive video. Showing all 53 of Messi and Ronaldo’s goals in a quickfire 6 Minutes, no replays, no lame special effects. Updated straight after the Champion’s League final, with Messi winning his 3rd Champion’s League before the age of 24. Ronaldo took the Pichichi with 40 goals, while Messi took his 3rd consecutive UCL top scorer’s crown. Music – Ray Charles – What’d I Say
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Categories: Liga Champions

25 Responses so far.

  1. Sonny0612 says:

    i hate both and i hate both real and barca , its a shame that if i talk to a barca fan at school and say barca suck they say oh u a real fan? And same with real fan about barca….. thing you dont realise is when u both cheat in football , and you dont just hate eachother every other team-fan hates you! for nbot giving any other team a chance to win CL , repay ur fucking loans instead of building them up!

  2. Smellydude1995 says:

    Messi may be better, but I prefer to watch Ronaldo play.

  3. XxoxNEXORxoxX says:


  4. XxoxNEXORxoxX says:

    What The Fuck? :DD cr – barcelona? :SS no ronaldinho? :DD stupid …

  5. fdfafadfafad says:

    Ronaldinho is better

  6. IICodMonsterII says:

    thumbs up if you think messi is better than ronaldo but not by that much

  7. AgonH44 says:

    RONALDO – Tap ins and Penalties , unimportant goals, against weak teams
    MESSI – Magic and Teamwork , very important goals , against great teams + trophies

  8. elmagicomessi says:

    Gaynaldo : Goals from Penalties & Tap Ins ,, easy goals & useless

    Messi’s Goals : A Work Of Art

  9. jeffhardyxtreme1000 says:

    @theherowon Cristiano Ronaldo wins 10000000000000000000000000%

  10. ihatewhereilive says:

    @xeroboy15 and why’s that? they are still goals counted in games. and besides, free kicks are incredibly impressive.

  11. xeroboy15 says:

    the goals form penatlies and free kicks should not be reached

  12. crblaugrana says:

    @Jofus360 really cause ronaldo goals are penalties and tapins. and messi only had 8 assists from xavi and iniesta last season. ronaldo cant dribble 4-5 players like messi does in tight spaces, he doesnt have the same passing skills that messi has he has no balance and agility that messi has. the only way ronaldo can score goals outside the box is by free kicks, 1 tin i did notice was that messi score 6 goals outside da box and cr7 scored 3 outside the box( not including the free kicks)

  13. kirmizi001 says:

    @Jofus360 How can you say that when Xavi hasnt assisted Messi over 1,5 years? Why dont you mention Cristiano 9 penalties to messis 5?

  14. Jofus360 says:

    All of Messi’s goals are the same. He has no free kick ability, no amazing shots outside the box, he only has Xavi and Iniesta and without them he is nothing.

  15. wolb0rg says:

    @elmagicomessi over rated? so I guess any player could score 53 goals in a season then…

  16. LeWydadi says:

    gaynaldo miss penalties

  17. theherowon says:

    look at the difference of Messi’s preformance in Barcelona and in the Argentina National Team he needs guys like Xavi and Iniesta or hes gonna suck but Ronaldo can do it solo

  18. theherowon says:

    Christiano Ronaldo Wins hands down

  19. goodbrew29 says:

    the only reason ronaldo caught up to messi was because messi was resting himself to prepare for a champs league final vs man u. plus ronaldo scored when the league was already decided and it didnt even matter anymore. i love ronaldo and messi, great players. but in my view ill have to give it to messi. however i love ronaldos free kicking abilities. i think he scored much nicer goals when he was at man utd

  20. elmagicomessi says:

    like what we see here: gaynaldo ‘s goals are soooooo easy + more penalties & too many tap ins
    while messi’s goals is so magical & the 1 VS real madrid is somthing ronaldo will never score like it even in his dreams

    fuck ronaldo the most overrated player
    Messi Is The Best

  21. elmagicomessi says:


    r u fucking moron u bitch ,, the only 1 who scored most of his goals from penalties & tap ins is gaynaldo while messi we all saw his magical goals ,, u need to check his amazing goal Vs real madrid in CL when he dribbled the half of real madrid’s players ,, gaynaldo can’t do that ^_^
    and fuck the premier League The League where players like silva & bale becomes great lol

    messi is the top scorer of CL three times in a row somthing gaynaldo will never do

  22. 08023122647 says:

    Awesome video, messi is the best player of his generation, no doubt about that

  23. Fifamastah says:

    @turkmandem LMAO you make me laugh, sure Ronaldo has incredible skill, but do you think messi waited for pass by someone when he made that goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League! Or even that incredible goal he made in 2007 against Getafe. When Ronaldo does such goals then we can talk ;)

  24. ReiVolver15 says:

    @turkmandem did you not watch the video? do you not count the number of times ronaldo is set up in front of goal just for him to tap it in? messi triples the individual goals against ronaldos 14 individual goals, not mentioning the fact that ronaldos goals mostly come from penalties and tap ins. ronaldo relies way more on his teammates than messi. barca relies on messi, while madrid does fine without ronaldo.

  25. hflink07 says:








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